About this company

Taiko was founded in 1949 in Nagano prefecture, where the silk industry is active.

We carry out completely integrated production with our own equipment. By applying our high technology, we provide highly specialized products. For example, tabi socks, sports socks, and knit products classified as medical devices.
We have been patented and have won the Good Design Award.

The current president of the 4th generation took over the management from the predecessor in 2015. We are developing initiatives with new ideas unique to our successors.
One of the new initiatives is the product brand "SYN:" that shares good things from Shinshu.

"SYN:" has three socks: "Daily" for everyday use, "Active" for use during exercise, and "Medical" for health.

▼ For details, please read this article.

We want to be an entity that can disseminate Nagano's technology and culture to the world through manufacturing.