Brand philosophy about SYN

What both our minds and bodies can believe in,
encountered while strolling amidst the nature of Nagano

[SYN:], based in Nagano’s Shinshu region, is a brand that aims to share good products,
good experiences, and good connections with the world.
New designs and ideas are combined with various traditions, techniques, blessings,
and exciting inspirations encountered while strolling through an environment rich in nature.
[SYN:] proposes ways for a more healthy and comfortable lifestyle
by offering products that both our body and mind can believe in,
as well as a special and unique experience amidst the beautiful hills and fields of Shinshu.

Sympathy Lab in NAGANO

"SYN:" has three socks: "Daily" for everyday use, "Active" for use during exercise, and "Medical" for health.

You can use products that suit each person's lifestyle.