01_18 FISHING SOCKS (High length/Japanese socks with split toe)
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01_18 FISHING SOCKS (High length/Japanese socks with split toe)

4,620 JPY

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  • brown S (22-24cm)

  • brownM(24-26cm)

  • brown L (26-28cm)

  • navy S (22-24cm)

  • navy M (24-26cm)

  • navy L (26-28cm)

  • olive S (22-24cm)

  • olive M (24-26cm)

  • olive L(26-28cm)

It ’s about $ 44 in dollars. The socks keep your feet warm in your boots, prevent stuffiness, and support your comfort. Alpaca wool, which has excellent heat retention, is rich in temperature control, hygroscopicity, and deodorant properties, and is characterized by its tough yet soft and smooth feel. Due to special processing, it does not shrink much even when washed. High-density alpaca wool pile is used below the ankles, and organic cotton is used above the ankles. As it is long below the knee, it warms the inside of the boots. The weave is as thick as possible to prevent fatigue without being too tight, elastic gives support to the arch, the tabi style is intended to improve balance and help prevent falls. ●material Alpaca35%,cotton30%,polyester15%,wool14%,Polyurethane3%,Nylon3% ●Laundry Guide Put it in the net, wash it with a neutral detergent. Hang it in a well-ventilated shade. If pills are formed, remove them with a pill remover so as not to pull them.