01_15 CYCLING SOCKS (Crew length/Japanese socks with split toe)
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01_15 CYCLING SOCKS (Crew length/Japanese socks with split toe)

2,640 JPY

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  • ecru S (22-24cm)

  • ecru M (24-26cm)

  • ecru L (26-28cm)

  • blue S (22-24cm)

  • blue M (24-26cm)

  • blue L (26-28cm)

  • charcoal S (22-24cm)

  • charcoalM (24-26cm)

  • charcoal L (26-28cm)

It ’s about $ 26 in dollars. Supports cycling with a refreshing feeling and durability. Spread your toes and increase the pedaling force. Washi cotton has the characteristics of breathability, water absorption, lightness, and toughness, as well as a refreshing feeling. It has a natural humidity control effect because it absorbs moisture in high humidity conditions and releases moisture in dry conditions. Mixing cotton adds softness to the skin and comfortably supports light exercise. The non-slip on the back of the toes prevents your feet from slipping in your shoes, making pedaling stronger. ●material polyester36%,cotton28%,washi cotton28%,polyurethane5%,nylon3% ●Laundry Guide Put it in the net, wash it with a neutral detergent. Hang it in a well-ventilated shade. If pills are formed, remove them with a pill remover so as not to pull them.