01_05 PILE SOCKS (American Sea Island Cotton)
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01_05 PILE SOCKS (American Sea Island Cotton)

3,080 JPY

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  • mist blue S (22-24cm)

  • mist blue M (24-26cm)

  • mist blue L (26-28cm)

  • light gray S (22-24cm)

  • light gray M (24-26cm)

  • light gray L (26-28cm)

  • charcoal S (22-24cm)

  • charcoal M (24-26cm)

  • charcoal L (26-28cm)

It ’s about $ 30 in dollars. This sock is recommended for indoor use. It is a pile that wraps around your feet. American Sea Island Cotton has extremely long fibers and a beautiful slight luster. In addition, it is the highest quality long cotton with a smooth texture. With the effect of this pile fabric, you can feel the comfort of the material that touches the skin while containing plenty of air. ●material cotton83%,polyester12%,polyurethane3%,nylon2% ●Laundry Guide Put it in the net, wash it with a neutral detergent. Hang it in a well-ventilated shade. If pills are formed, remove them with a pill remover so as not to pull them.