01_02 PILE SOCKS (High length /Japanese Washi city socks)
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01_02 PILE SOCKS (High length /Japanese Washi city socks)

1,980 JPY

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  • ecru S (22-24cm)

  • ecru M (24-26cm)

  • ecru L (26-28cm)

  • gray S (22-24cm)

  • gray M (24-26cm)

  • gray L (26-28cm)

  • charcoal S (22-24cm)

  • charcoal M (24-26cm)

  • charcoal L (26-28cm)

It ’s about $ 19 in dollars. This washi style is designed for walking around the city: constructed from a blend of absorbent Japanese washi paper and cotton for lightness, sweat absorption and breathability, with lightly piled soles for cushioning. It naturally absorbs moisture and is combined with cotton for softness on the skin. ●material cotton35%,Japanese paper cotton35%, polyester25%,Polyurethane4%,Nylon2% ●Laundry Guide Put it in the net, wash it with a neutral detergent. Hang it in a well-ventilated shade.